About Qatar Airways Virtual

Welcome to our new website! This is just one of many improvements that are being made to our system to make sure that we offer the true 5-Star experience!

Who We Are

Qatar Airways Virtual is a Virtual Airline set up in the second half of 2013. Virtual Airlines aim to replicate the routes, schedules and general operations of a real-world airline; at Qatar Airways Virtual that is exactly what we want to do! Our fleet is identical to that of the real Qatar Airways and like our routes, codeshares and website it is updated constantly.

We pride ourselves on our high quality liveries that are made just for Qatar Airways Virtual. We also take great pleasure in allowing our pilots to use our custom ACARS system that is built upon the very popular smartCARS system that makes it very easy for new pilots to start flying as quickly as possible.

The Cargo Division of Qatar Airways is also replicated as accurately as possible. We have selected liveries for our cargo operations and a dedicated cargo manager who will try to answer any of your questions!

In the near future you can expect a new, functional and appealing Pilot Center. We're also adding more and more rewards in the pilot store where you can spend points you've earnt from your flying. You'll earn pilot reward points with good landing rates and skills!

We hope your time with the airline is as good as it can be. Thank you for flying with the World's First 5 Star Virtual Airline!